Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Morning After the Night Before

So, we're all in recovery - the support staff are tired out while Sean is surprisingly lively and full of beans - only natural after a successful session, I suppose. We made some great progress and Sean's staying power can no longer be doubted in any sense - His pee valve broke during the first cylinder change but he just stayed down - stinky but victorious!

Sean swapped between normal masks and his Full Face mask, practicing for the hours when fatigue may be a threat. Deliveries of snacks and drinks were made as twinsets were delivered, and the support staff rested and relaxed between shifts with some pizza and Apocalypse Now (with a soundtrack that would keep anyone wide awake over a long night!)

There were some pretty funny conversations recorded on the pages of his underwater notepad, alongside the technical details and logging - all to be kept for prosperity of course!

Customer Andy joined us on one of the change over visits as part of his Night Diver course and said that it was a slightly surreal but really interesting event to be party to!


  1. Congrats Sean

    You done us proud.

    One small suggestion try "emptying the tank" before you go down the next time.

    Your Aunt Theresa.

  2. HI Sean
    A Big Congratulations from us here in Ireland.
    Good on you.

    Your Cous Lucy and family

  3. Hi Sean,
    You've done it!!!!! A big congratulations you've done a great job and made us very proud.

    Your aunties Eileen and Phylis.

  4. Congratulation to the world record!

    At what depth were you most of the time?

    // Mikael