Sunday, 30 August 2009

Training Continues while Support Grows

Sean was in the water yesterday for some more training and is getting closer and closer to his final intensive week of preparation. Meanwhile, you will have noticed new logos appearing on the title banner - which is due to the growing number of generous supporters of the event. Transport by Air Malta, diving support from Divewise, manpower Signal 8 Security from logistics from the Westin Dragonara hotel and, Posters and printing by Cartridge World, while M & A provide equipment and Footloose take care of the after party! hahaha

Its looking more and more like it should be a fantastic day for everyone involved!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Breaking Records, Mending Oceans

We're looking forwards to a busy day on the Guinness World Record day - we want the whole event really to go off with a bang and to do some good for everyone involved. So Divewise will be organise lots of Project A.W.A.R.E related course and activities to coincide with the Record Breaking Dive.
The idea is to use this public event to raise as much awareness as possible about the importance of the aquatic environment and to let people know how they can help to save it. We'll be teaching Peak Performance Bouyancy to help keep divers from damaging the ocean floor, Fish Identification and Photography to encourage passive underwater activity that doesn't leave a trace, and even Project A.W.A.R.E with an underwater clean up to protect the beauty of the coastline and seas.
During all of these dives and course, we'll be checking in on Sean to following his progress - students will be able to send down messages of support and watch how he tackles changing from cylinder to cylinder in order to achieve his long stay.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

T Minus 27! Preparation Time!

Don't get me wrong - you think we haven't been preparing for a llloooooonnnggg time before now?!

But as the first update on the record attempt, it's certainly the beginning of the big count down and time to get on to the final details of preparation.

Sean has been getting in the water with increasing numbers of cylinders as the practice runs continue to extend, hour by hour. It seems silly, but he's also having to practice some rather everyday exercises such as getting food and water into his system - not so everyday when you're underwater! Other little touches include fitting suits with pee-valves for convenience.

On the surface side of the team, Divewise are arranging staffing for the attempt and coordinating dive course classes to visit Sean on the reef with students! Imagine celebrating the final dive of your Open Water course by shaking the hand of a Guiness World Record attempt in the flesh!

There are all sorts of other events and entertainment being arranged - but we'll let you know more about these as they confirm... ooh, got you wondering now...

Watch this space - record breaking in progress...